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Socialists protest omitting vaccine origin from inoculation certificate

Socialist MEP Istvan Ujhelyi has demanded immediate withdrawal of a government decree under which the origin of the coronavirus vaccine used to inoculate individuals should not be indicated in their official certificate.

Under the decree, published on Saturday, not even the central registry should show which vaccine is used in the process, which, Ujhelyi said, was crucial in terms of side effects or later diseases.

Most European countries agree that they would only accept vaccines licenced by the European Medicines Agency, and Hungarians travelling abroad on business would face restrictions, Ujhelyi said, adding that Hungarians inoculated with EMA-approved vaccines would also be affected as their certificate would not indicate that fact.

Meanwhile, the opposition Democratic Coalition lambasted the government for the decision to omit the information about the vaccine’s type and origin in the Hungarian certificate.

“This piece of information is crucial, one that would allow a Hungarian to travel to another country,” Balazs Barkoczi, the party’s spokesman, told an online press conference.

He noted that the European Commission’s president earlier said the EU needed a uniform “vaccination passport” with standard basic data issued by each member state.

Referring to DK led by Ferenc Gyurcsany, Fidesz said in response: “The Gyurcsany party, while continuing to pursue its anti-vaccination campaign, is now also trying to create uncertainty around the vaccine certificate.” In a statement, Fidesz cited German Chancellor Angela Merkel as saying at a recent EU summit that EU member states would introduce vaccination certificates at national level, and these would be valid throughout the EU.

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