The Sputnik V vaccine – Photo:

Socialists press government to cancel Russian vaccine plant contracts

The Socialists are demanding the government cancel Russian contracts on the manufacture of jabs at a vaccine plant Hungary is building in Debrecen (E Hungary), a party MEP said on Sunday.

Istvan Ujhelyi said the plant should turn out only vaccines that are licenced by the European Medicines Agency.

He added that vaccines “provided by the state of Russia under Putin” would “burn the fingers of those who touch them.”

Ujhelyi said the only reason for manufacturing Russian vaccines in Hungary is to serve “the private business interests of Fidesz leaders”.

He added that the plant, which is expected to cost taxpayers “upward of 50 billion forints” (EUR 140m), “reeks of backroom deals”.

Ujhelyi noted that he had submitted requests for information of public interest on the plant to a number of ministries, but none had responded.

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