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"Fate of the nation" hinges on making access to the immunisation, Ujhelyi said

Socialists press government for assurances on free Covid-19 vaccine

The opposition Socialists are calling on the government to guarantee that novel coronavirus vaccine purchased with public monies be available free of charge, a party MEP said on Facebook on Sunday.

Istvan Ujhelyi noted that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had said in his latest radio interview that the first shipment of Covid-19 vaccine could arrive in Hungary late in December. Orbán said people with underlying health conditions and the elderly would be the first to be immunised, he added.

Ujhelyi said the government had been incapable of preparing for the routine distribution of flu vaccine, thus it was a “minimum expectation” that it should announce when and how it intends to organise Covid-19 immunisation.

He added that the “fate of the nation” hinges on making access to the immunisation free of charge and free of any form of discrimination.

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