Photo: MTI

Socialists, Jobbik propose committee hearing of interior minister, police chief over officer’s death

Opposition lawmakers on Monday proposed the committee hearing of Interior Minister Sandor Pinter and national police chief Janos Balogh in connection with a case that left one policeman dead and two injured last week.

Last week, police accosted a man who seemed to be breaking into a flat in Budapest. The man stabbed three policemen before being shot in the leg and arrested while trying to flee.

Socialist Tamas Harangozo and Jobbik’s Laszlo Gyorgy Lukacs, the deputy heads of parliament’s defence and public safety committee, proposed to convene the committee and hear Pinter and Balogh on the details of the investigation.

They proposed to expand the hearing to the matter of issuing body armour and bodycams for policemen working as patrolmen, money guards or on railways, the statement said.

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