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Socialists: Government responsible if Hungary loses EU funds

Viktor Orbán's government must be held responsible if Hungary loses any EU funds, a Socialist-Parbeszed MEP said on Wednesday.

Even if the European Union suspends its rule-of-law procedure against Hungary and endorses Hungary’s EU budget for the next 7 years, some EU money is certain to be held back, Istvan Ujhelyi told an online press briefing streamed on Facebook.

It will not be the EU that is responsible if Hungary misses out on funding but the prime minister and his circle who abused the system for corrupt ends, he added.

To guarantee every euro cent of funding Orban must make a “political decision” to change the system, Ujhelyi said, adding that it was doubtful that the “rogue” government’s commitments to the EU would be enough to convince Brussels of its change of heart.

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