Mikhail Gorbachev in September 2010 – Photo: wikipedia

Socialists, DK pay tribute to Gorbachev

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) and Socialist parties have paid tribute to former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who died on Tuesday at the age of 91.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsany said Gorbachev had paved the way for “an imperfect but better world”. “For this, we have reason to think of him with understanding,” Gyurcsany said.

He said Gorbachev had “faced reality, the unsustainable and the inevitable”. “The last European empire had to fall, but because the idea and dream of empire lived on, history is now being written by the attempt of its resurrection through war after a peaceful decline,” Gyurcsany added.

Meanwhile, the Socialist Party highlighted Gorbachev’s role in ending the Cold War. Historians will be debating Gorbachev’s role for a long time to come, the party said in a statement, adding that it was clear that without him the changes of regime in central and eastern Europe and the Soviet Union would have played out differently.

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