Socialists demand assistance to people impacted by epidemic

Socialist deputy group leader Tamas Harangozo demanded government assistance to "those in trouble", at an online press conference on Thursday.

Harangozo said the government’s new lockdown measures, announced earlier in the day, were unavoidable, but urged provisions to ensure that parents staying at home with their children at a time when schools and kindergartens are closed should “not suffer from lost income or any other drawbacks”. He also said that each family must be helped to equipment necessary for their children to participate in digital education.

Harangozo also noted that many children were not provided hot meals outside school, and urged government action to ensure that needy children get their daily meals. With regard to the coronavirus situation, final secondary school tests should be conducted in writing only, abandoning the traditional written and oral test combination.

The deputy called on the government to draw down European Union funds to complement wage subsidies to avoid massive layoffs.

Furthermore, Harangozo demanded immediate vaccination of people “running the country’s daily operations” and called on the government to stop its political struggle with municipalities.

He also demanded that casinos should be shut down with immediate effect.

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