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Socialists call for ‘strong, united Europe’

Gabor Harangozo, deputy head of the opposition Socialist Party, advocated a "strong, sovereign, and united Europe" at a press conference published on Facebook on Tuesday, following a recent meeting of European Socialist leaders in Warsaw.

The Socialist party is committed to reinforcing European integration, and “concerned to see that Hungary is falling in the trap of nationalist selfishness and narowmindedness”. He insisted that stronger and more complex cooperation in Europe could help remove economic and security dependencies.

Concerning the Ukraine war, Harangozo said “Russia cannot win and the perpetrators must be brought to court”, adding that Europe needed a new security system.

Europe should become a “sovereign and attractive centre” based on “a fair distribution of welfare and strong social cohesion”. Everybody in Europe must be “capable of having a good life out of their work”, he added.

Harangozo also called for a common eastern Europe policy for the EU as well as further accelerating the EU’s enlargement.

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