Illustration - Photo: pxfuel

Socialists call for ‘slave law’ to be scrapped

The opposition Socialists have called for labour laws that "strip workers of their rights", known by critics as the "slave law", to be abolished.

Also, the party wants the unemployment benefit to be raised to at least 100,000 forints (EUR 276) a month, Imre Komjathi, the Socialist Party’s deputy leader, told a press conference held in front of the Continental factory in Mako, in southern Hungary, on Thursday, adding that the job-seekers benefit should be available for nine months.

Komjathi said companies that entered into the government’s the strategic agreement “trampled on trade unions”, adding that Continental was a “disgrace”. He accused the company of putting refrigerators and showers normally used by workers off limits during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as of blocking trade union efforts during its preparations for a strike.

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