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Socialists call for regulating liability insurance for polluting plants

The opposition Socialists call for regulating the liability insurance for environmentally polluting plants, deputy group leader Zita Gurmai said on Thursday.

She told an online press conference that currently there was no regulation in force on the amount of a third-party liability insurance.

She said she had submitted a written question to Janos Lazar, the minister for construction and transport, asking “What are the guarantees against the operation of environmentally polluting plants when there are currently no detailed regulations in place specifying the amount for a third-party liability insurance”.

In the current legal environment, with the proliferation of battery plants, “neither the environment, not employees are safe”, she added.

She said it was absurd that projects worth several billion forints that pose a threat to local water supplies in a given city can get away with specifying a combined compensation limit which involves 500,000 forints (EUR 1,309) per occasion or maximum 1 million forints a year.

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