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Socialists call for opposition cooperation in 2024 local elections

The Socialist Party has called on Hungary's opposition parties to cooperate in the 2024 local elections.

Agnes Kunhalmi, the party’s co-leader, told an online press conference on Saturday that the reason why the local and European parliamentary elections were being held on the same day next year was because ruling Fidesz wanted to focus its campaign “on Brussels, sovereignty and identity”.

“This is the trap the opposition must avoid by preparing for the elections in time” and by fielding joint candidates together with civil groups, Kunhalmi said.

“We’re forced to cooperate,” she said, arguing that there were no changes to the election system that would justify the opposition parties fielding separate candidates. The opposition must choose the best candidates against Fidesz locally, both at the mayoral and local councillor level, she added.

She urged the opposition to select a single candidate for each locality either by agreeing on one or holding a primary.

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