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Socialists call for closed railway lines to be reopened

The opposition Socialists on Friday called on minister of construction and transport Janos Lazar to reverse the recent closure of numerous branch railway lines.

Deputy party leader Laszlo Varga told an online press conference that a government decision to discontinue passenger transport on ten secondary lines from August made no sense and hurt rural communities.

Local residents, professional organisations, local council representatives and mayors have protested against the move which had caused “serious problems to affected locals”, he added.

Varga added that the decision broke past promises of the ruling Fidesz party which campaigned in 2010 to reopen railway lines closed “as a result of the global crisis”.

He said the Socialists had received information indicating that the ministry was considering discontinuing services on additional lines.

Rail is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly form of transport, he said, adding that instead of closing down lines, a comprehensive railway development programme should be implemented.

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