Socialists: Balaton battle will continue

The "Balaton battle" will continue, the opposition Socialists' party director said at a press conference on Sunday.

Speaking online from the Club Aliga resort in Balatonvilagos, on the shores of Lake Balaton, Zsolt Molnar said the Socialists “will not allow another section of shoreline to be closed off to people, excluding families from areas where they have vacationed for decades”.

He said a residents’ forum underway is the “latest station on the Balaton battle”, adding that the meeting venue “is packed” and includes locals, vacation home owners, an MP of opposition Jobbik and Socialist activists.

Molnar noted that the city’s mayor, four local council representatives and the MP representing the area, a member of governing Fidesz, did not show up.

“They have obviously taken the side of the investor,” he added.

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