MSZP leader Bertalan Tóth – Photo:

Socialists: Approval of rule-of-law legislation ‘Fidesz farce’

The government parties' approval of rule-of-law legislation requested by the European Commission is part of a ruling "Fidesz farce" as long as the government uses the state of emergency as an excuse to govern with decrees, the opposition Socialists' group leader said on Friday.

Bertalan Toth said on Facebook that no matter what legislation the ruling parties approve, whether it’s to fight corruption, restore the rule of law or speed up access to data of public interest, “it is clear that they do not take it seriously”.

As long as the state of special legal order stays in force, which allows them to deviate from the law by way of decrees, to introduce special taxes and change the budget, their demonstration of will to agree with the EC is only part of another Fidesz farce, he said.

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