The Puskás Aréna in Budapest – Photo: wikipedia

Socialist MP asks if chief medical officer has allowed European Super Cup to be held with audience

The Socialist Party is asking Hungary's chief medical officer whether she has given permission to the UEFA European Super Cup to be held with an audience in Budapest on September 24, MP Ildiko Borbely Bango said at an online press conference on Sunday.

The opposition politician said the European Football Association wants to conduct an unprecedented “human experiment” during the second wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic with the consent of the Hungarian government by allowing the match to be held in front of 14,000 Hungarian and thousands of foreign spectators.

Borbely Bango said that with the match, UEFA is admittedly looking for an answer to how the virus spreads at a mass event, so the event can be considered medical research, which must be approved by the country’s chief medical officer.

The Socialist Party considers it unacceptable to use Hungarians as guinea pigs so it repeatedly calls on the government to make the match a closed event and start mass and free testing immediately, Borbely Bango said.

The UEFA Super Cup final will see Europa League winner Sevilla face Champions League winner Bayern Munich.

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