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Socialist MEP: Orbán seeking to ‘blackmail’ EU

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is "again trying to blackmail the European Union while holding Hungary to ransom", Socialist MEP Istvan Ujhelyi told an online press conference on Tuesday.

Ujhelyi quoted Orbán as suggesting earlier that if the EU insisted on applying the rule of law mechanism and controlling details of Hungary’s using recovery funds from the community, the Hungarian parliament could fail to pass legislation under which the country would grant its approval to other members’ obtaining community loans. He noted that the bill had been tabled in parliament on April 8 and the assembly discussed the proposal, but a final vote was pending.

“The government has thus adopted a position to blackmail the EU,” Ujhelyi said. He added that it was “no coincidence” that “according to reports the government would not apply for the full funding of 5,800 billion forints”, a combination of a grant and the loan, just the grant part totalling 2,500 billion forints.

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