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Six transport links to be opened between Slovakia, Hungary by 2023

Six new transport links will be established between Hungary and Slovakia by 2023, including three bridges on the river Ipoly, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Thursday.

Szijjarto said on Facebook that he had attended a video conference with Slovakia’s transport minister Andrej Dolezal.

He said that among all neighbouring countries, Hungary had the longest border with Slovakia and the aim is to have as many links between the two countries as possible.

The construction of a highway between Miskolc and Tornyosnemeti in northeast Hungary is planned to be completed this autumn, he said. As a result, Hungary will have motorway links to Slovakia not only in the west but also in the east, he added.

He said that an agreement had been made to relaunch a hydrofoil service between Budapest and Bratislava after the coronavirus pandemic is over and consultations are under way about building a fast railway link between Budapest and Warsaw, through Bratislava.

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