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Senior police officers sentenced to prison for corruption linked to nightclub owner

The military tribunal of the Metropolitan Court sentenced on Thursday former senior police officers to prison terms of between 6 and 11 years for their involvement in corruption linked to businessman and nightclub owner Laszlo Vizoviczki.

The court made its non-final ruling in connection with a total of fourteen suspects, including eight former senior police officers.

The investigation connected to Vizoviczki started eleven years ago based on a criminal report by the country’s anti-corruption National Protection Service organisation. The sentence was announced publicly but the justification was read out behind closed doors to protect classified information.

According to the charges, Vizoviczki who had become highly influential in the catering industry, regularly bribed police officers and other officials to ensure that his businesses operated without disruptions, and to get advance information about planned audits. The bribed officers also regularly harassed Vizoviczki’s business competitors.

Vizoviczki is currently serving a 7.5 year prison sentence in a maximum security prison for serial bribery and abuse of classified official information, among other crimes.

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