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Semmelweis University, AstraZeneca sign strategic partnership agreement

Semmelweis University, Hungary's top medical school and the Hungarian unit of AstraZeneca signed a strategic partnership agreement, the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company said on Thursday.

The agreement concerns the extension of joint research and development activity, joint programmes for the treatment and diagnosis of patients and studies of diseases such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease and cardiac failure.

AstraZeneca has already cooperated with the university in almost two-thirds of its clinical trials but this percentage could exceed 80 percent as a result of the new partnership, they said. Bela Merkely, the university’s rector said the results of the joint work are expected to be utilised in patient care.

AstraZeneca spends 2 billion forints (EUR 5.57m) a year on R+D activity in Hungary. AstraZeneca Kereskedelmi es Szolgaltato had revenue of more than 15 billion forints in 2020, including export sales of 2.5 billion forints.

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