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Semjen: Hungarian Sapientia University of Transylvania key for nation’s survival

The Hungarian Sapientia University of Transylvania is crucial in terms of the survival of the Hungarian nation, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen said, addressing the inauguration of the institution's renovated building in Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvar), in north-western Romania, on Friday.

In his speech, Semjen expressed his congratulations and thanks for the renovation that was supported by the Hungarian government.

He said the Sapientia University was one of “several of the Hungarian government’s successful projects”, but stood out as a “force for the preservation of the nation”. He said the university had a presence from Szekler Land to Cluj-Napoca, “bringing life” to those places and “uniting all of Transylvania”.

The deputy PM said the Sapientia University was key for the nation’s survival because it offered a competitive education, thereby guaranteeing that ethnic Hungarians in Transylvania are able to make a living. He said it was also important for there to be a uniform Hungarian academic language in the Carpathian Basin.

The university, Semjen said, also served the objectives of the government’s policy for Hungarians abroad. Whereas Hungarian kindergartens formed the base of the Hungarian “education pyramid”, the Sapientia University formed the top, he said, adding that the “full Hungarian-language education pyramid” was in place in Transylvania.

Semjen also said that attending the Sapientia University offered “a unique kind of solidarity”.

The university building’s renovation cost around 474 million forints (EUR 1.2m).

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