Zsolt Semjen – Photo: MTI

Semjen: ‘Christian’ is ‘boo word’ in today’s EU

It isn't polite to use the word Christian in today's European Union, and to put it in the context of persecution is downright unacceptable, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen said on Monday at an event attended by Vladimir Palko, Slovakia's former interior minister.

Presenting the Hungarian edition of Palko’s book on anti-Christianity,  The Lions are coming – Why is Europe and America heading for a new tyranny?, Semjen said European progressive leaders were unable to accept that Christians are not oppressors but oppressed.

At the event held at the Petofi Literary Museum, Semjen added that “the absurdities of the LGBTQ movement” were the best illustration that if someone fails to agree with them, “they cry dictatorship”.

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