Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi – Photo: MTI

Ruszin-Szendi: Armed Forces to guarantee security of Hungarians

The Hungarian Armed Forces are capable of guaranteeing the security of Hungarians, Lieutenant General Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi told news channel M1 on Wednesday.

Referring to his recent visit to Washington, DC, for talks with Chief of Staff General Mark Milley,  the head of the Hungarian Armed Forces said they had discussed “all possible scenarios”, from worst-case to least likely. They also briefed each other on intelligence gathered by their respective secret services.

“The Russians have the capacity to mount an attack, Ukraine is capable of defence, and NATO can protect the countries of the alliance … the rest are political issues,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Hungarian Armed Forces are prepared to defend the country, and “will demonstrate their preparedness in exercises before the public and [NATO] leaders”, he said.

Although NATO observes the principle collective defence, for the time being Hungary is planning defence on a national level, he said.

Ruszin-Szendi and Milley also discussed US-Hungary military cooperation in other crisis regions such as the Balkans, the Baltic States and Africa, Ruszin-Szendi said.

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