Mate Kocsis - Photo: Facebook

Ruling parties to hold parliamentary group meeting next week

The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance will hold a parliamentary group meeting in Esztergom, in northern Hungary, next Wednesday and Thursday, at the start of the autumn session of parliament, Fidesz's group leader has said.

“The Brussels elite has made infuriating and bad decisions in the recent period,” Mate Kocsis said in a post on Facebook. “It endangers Europe’s security with its pro-war stance, its flawed sanctions have triggered an energy crisis and an economic slowdown, which is why a change is needed in next year’s European Parliament elections.”

“Instead of pro-war Brussels leadership we want a pro-peace leadership, and they must be prevented from weakening the European economy with their flawed sanctions,” Kocsis said.

“Peace must be created at Europe’s borders and we must build a successful European economy which cooperates with all of the world’s economic regions,” he added.

The Brussels leadership’s job is not to “force gender propaganda and migration” but to represent the European people, Kocsis said. He called for protecting the common borders and families, and eliminating “Brussels’s double standards”.

This change in Brussels cannot be achieved without a strong and successful right wing, he said, stressing the need for Hungary’s ruling parties to cooperate with forces that want change in Europe. Meanwhile, the politicians of the domestic left “financed from abroad” must be defeated and the country’s sovereignty protected, Kocsis said.

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