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Ruling parties maintain lead

The ruling Fidesz party maintained its lead in November, holding 56 percent of the votes against 42 percent garnered by the opposition alliance, the latest survey of the Nezopont Institute published in the daily Magyar Nemzet on Monday shows.

The survey conducted on November 2-3 has shown that Hodmezovasarhely mayor Peter Marki-Zay’s win of the opposition primary election had changed little in the position of the ruling and opposition parties, Nezopont said. The pollster’s weekly surveys since mid-October show that support for Fidesz has edged up by 2 percent, within the margin of error, since October Nezopont said.

“Despite the public power struggle within the opposition,” voters’ party preferences have hardly changed since the first round of the opposition primaries in late September, Nezopont said. The ruling parties had 54 percent of the vote in early October, and support for the joint opposition list was at 44 percent shortly before Marki-Zay won the nomination, Nezopont said.

Marki-Zay’s nomination seems to have “not helped the opposition”, Nezopont said.

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