Ruling parties: George Soros guides the Hungarian left wing, too

US financier George Soros has set the direction of the Hungarian left wing as well as of European Union leaders: "first calling local sources of fake news brave, then backing a joint left-wing list of candidates", a KDNP MP said in the name of the ruling Fidesz-KDNP in a video message on Saturday.

Lorinc Nacsa, the spokesman for the parliamentary group of KDNP, said Soros had once again made a public declaration that steps against Hungary must be taken.

“Thus the Soros list is prepared: the leader of the left wing Ferenc Gyurcsany draws up the list on the instruction of George Soros, and starting with [opposition] DK to MSZP to Jobbik to LMP and to Momentum, all the way to [Budapest Mayor] Gergely Karacsony’s party, all will sign up for the list,” Nacsa said.

He said the left-wing parties are bound together by their support for immigration, “just as George Soros attacks Hungary, because the Hungarians have said no to immigration,” he added.

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