DK to file public data request on hospital deaths due to ventilator shortage

Rules for first phase of easing restrictions published

Rules for the first phase of the gradual easing of coronavirus restrictions were published in the official gazette Magyar Kozlony on Tuesday. Interior Minister Sandor Pinter said that Hungary had administered the coronavirus vaccine to 2.5 million people which was the precondition for the start of lifting the restrictions. The new rules are already in effect.

The curfew will be shortened for the period from 10pm to 5am and shops will be allowed to stay open between 5am and 9.30pm.

The number of customers will be limited at one customer per 10 square metres of floor space.

The temporary ban on services will be lifted, hairdressers, beauty parlours and other service providers will reopen.

Catering facilities will not be allowed to serve customers locally, only for take-aways.

For the time being, hotels will remain closed.

Schools and kindergarten will reopen after all registered teachers get vaccinated from April 19.

DK to file public data request on hospital deaths due to ventilator shortage

The opposition Democratic Coalition on Tuesday said it is filing a request for public data with Hungary’s national health insurance fund NEAK on the number of elderly Covid-19 hospital patients who have died due to a shortage of ventilators.

In an online press conference, DK’s parliamentary spokesman Zoltan Varga cited the deputy head of the Trade Union of Hungarian Medical Doctors as telling commercial news channel ATV that certain hospitals could not place their 65-70-year-old patients on ventilators because of all the young patients requiring respiratory assistance.

Varga said the coronavirus was “only an accomplice” in Hungary’s Covid fatalities, insisting that it was primarily the government’s “anti-health-care policies of the last ten years” that were to blame for the death toll.

He said Prime Minister Viktor Orban and members of his government would need to be held accountable “for the tragedies they have caused” if a new government came into power.

Ruling Fidesz said in reaction that “the Gyurcsany-led left wing” was once again attacking protective efforts against the coronavirus epidemic. The party said in a statement that DK’s claims were “nonsense and once again lashing up sentiments’.

“The left wing started fabricating fake news, fake videos and fake extras and attacking the professionals involved in defence already during the first wave of the epidemic. Now they are once again doing the same. We are asking the left wing at least not to hinder protection if they refuse to help,” Fidesz said.

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