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Roma minority spokesman calls on Roma candidates to dissociate themselves from united opposition

The spokesman of the ethnic Roma minority in parliament has called on Leftist Roma candidates to distance themselves from the united opposition, which has put Jobbik vice-president Daniel Z. Karpat at 10th place on its joint list.

“A leopard won’t change its spots,” Felix Farkas said in a statement to MTI.

Referring to opposition candidates Lajos Locsei, Sandor Berki and Ferenc Varga, Farkas said a place on the opposition list meant the candidates shared Z. Karpat’s “views on Jews and Romas”.

Z. Karpat “smiles as he uses the Hitler salute”, Farkas said.

As long as politicians with anti-Semitic views receive places on the joint list of the Democratic Coalition, Jobbik, Momentum, Socialists, LMP and Parbeszed, right-wing extremism will always be present in the opposition, he said.

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