The Szekler flag – Photo: wikipedia

RMDSZ leader calls on Romania Hungarians to declare nationality in census

Hunor Kelemen, head of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ), called on Hungarians to participate in Romania's ongoing census, saying that "if the Romanian state sees Hungarians in Romania as a robust community, it will have a different approach to them", in Budapest on Monday.

Speaking to public news channel M1, Kelemen noted that in the previous census ten years ago, 1,260,000 respondents had declared themselves Hungarian. This year’s census results will determine the public policy decisions towards ethnic communities for the next ten years, including language use, education in the mother tongue and the level of state support, he said.

“It is most important that the Romanian state should see us as a strong community as much as we should also see ourselves as a strong community,” the RMDSZ leader said.

He called for filling out the questionnaire online by May 16 and answering every question including the ones on ethnic and religious identity.

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