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Retvari: Over 190,000 students to receive notebooks

The government will distribute another 193,000 notebooks in primary and secondary schools, bringing the number of students using such devices purchased from central coffers to 450,000, a state secretary of the interior ministry said on Monday.

Bence Retvari said the electronic devices, distributed in the third year of the government scheme, would benefit 5th, 6th, and 9th graders, adding that the programme would continue next year.

“Hungary is in an era of the largest scale education development,” he said, adding that in recent years the government had facilitated a total 5,580 kindergarten and school development projects. He also added that “teachers’ pay will increase by 93.5 percent over a four-year period”.

Retvari regretted, however, that “not a single euro cent has arrived from Brussels” in contribution from the European Union to those developments.

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