Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Retvari: EU wants biggest ‘migrant ghetto’ in Hungary

Brussels' proposal on mandatory migrant settlement quotas would establish the European Union's "biggest migrant ghetto" in Hungary, the interior ministry state secretary said on Saturday.

Bence Retvari told MTI that the proposal would require Hungary to assess 28.3 percent of all refugee applications from migrants arriving in the EU. Germany would have to process just 1.4 percent, France 2 percent and Sweden 0.2 percent of the applications, he added.

Hungary would have to maintain an apparatus capable of assessing 11,320 applications simultaneously, resulting in the presence of “tens of thousands” of illegal migrants in the country, Retvari said.

“Hungary will not accept mandatory quotas, the threat of fines or the establishment of migrant camps,” he added

He noted that 98 percent of participants in a referendum in 2016, some 3.3 million people, had said “no” to mandatory resettlement quotas. He also faulted Brussels for “breaking its own rule” when the decision on the mandatory quotas was taken by qualified majority rather than consensus.

“We won’t let the EU decide on whom we’ll allow into our country,” Retvari said. “That can be decided only by Hungarians, not the bureaucrats in Brussels,” he added.

He said refugee applications should be assessed outside of the EU, because once illegal migrants entered the EU it was “practically impossible” to deport them.

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