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Retail energy prices for private consumption revealed

Private individuals in Hungary will be charged below the actual market prices for their gas and electricity consumption even if it exceeds the average level under which a price cap is applied, the government commissioner in charge of the government's utility price cap scheme said at the Baile Tusnad (Tusnadfurdo) summer university, in central Romania, on Thursday.

Szilard Nemeth said that the price cap will be applied for up to 1,729 cubic metres of gas used per year (144m3/month) and for 2,523 kilowatt hours of electricity used per year (210kWh/month) by a household.

Households will pay 102 forints (EUR 0.25) for a cubic meter of gas for their consumption below the limit, and 747 forints for each cubic metre in excess, while the market price is 1,020 forints, Nemeth said.

One kilowatt hour of electricity will cost 36 forints below the limit and 70.1 forints above, while the market price is 268.9 forints, he said.

Separately metered water heaters, operated at night, will be charged 23.1 forints a kilowatt hour below the limit and 62.9 forints above, Nemeth said.

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