A church in Maksa – Photo: wikipedia

Communities should revert to online services

Reformed Church to stop services, Catholics to continue

The Hungarian Reformed Church has called on its communities not to hold services or other events starting on Wednesday. The Catholic Church will continue to hold masses in line with the new restrictions.

On Monday, the presidium of the church said in a statement that Reformed communities should revert to online services as they did during the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic in spring. Community board and other meetings should also be held online, the statement said.

Weddings and funerals should be held in line with the government’s new restrictive measures, the statement said.

The Catholic Church said earlier in the day that masses could be held in line with the new restrictions. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference (MKPK) said that “churches, as places for spiritual renewal and prayer, are especially important and will continue to be open”.

MKPK said that those who cannot attend mass in person could participate in services online or on television “to get confirmation, comfort, and encouragement”. The conference also advised elderly church members and those feeling ill to stay away from the community and exempted them from the religious obligation of attending mass.

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