A reformed church in Budapest – Photo: wikipedia

Reformed Church: State, churches both ‘consider Christianity crucial’

Pope Francis's visit to Hungary is a "recognition of the exceptional accord between the churches and the Hungarian state" with both sides "considering Christianity of vital importance", the synod of the Hungarian Reformed Church said in a statement on Friday.

The Hungarian state recognises “the power of Christianity to build culture and create a way of life”, the church said in a statement.

Referring to the pope’s speech, the statement quoted Francis as “warning the church against being too close to power”, adding that “this warning is worth considering”.

In its statement, the synod voiced agreement with Francis concerning “the temptation of false freedoms: mixing up the sexes and declaring the right to abortion as a freedom right”.

In the statement, signed by bishop Zoltan Balog, the synod thanked Frances for “speaking up against war rhetorics” and his noting ethnic Hungarians as “important constituents of the Hungarian nation”.

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