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Record number of women in Hungary’s workforce

A record 2.2 million women in Hungary had a job last year, even more than when employment was mandatory during the Communist era, according to a think-tank.

Prior to 2010, governments focused on reducing the jobless number, while after 2010 the government has worked on boosting employment while supporting families, according to a report by the Szent Istvan Institute.

The employment rate of women aged 20-64 was 59 percent 13 years ago; last year it was 75.3 percent, the study examining the position of women in the labour market between 1900-2022 found.

The increase is the second largest, after Malta, in the European Union, according to the report published on Tuesday.

Joblessness among women was 207,000 in 2010, now it is 80,000, while the number of inactive at 627,000 is also at a record low, the think-tank said.

Also the employment rate of mothers with children below the age of 6 has grown apace in recent years, reaching 73 percent by 2021 — ranking 9th in the European Union.

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