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Raisz: Successful green transition requires competitive European economy

To achieve a successful green transition, the European economy must stay competitive, Aniko Raisz, the state secretary for the environment and circular economy, said in a statement on Monday.

After taking part in a meeting of EU environment ministers in Luxembourg, Raisz said she outlined the Hungarian EU presidency’s environmental protection programme, and during its six-month stint starting in July Hungary would pursue policymaking combatting environmental pollution as well as promoting a fair green transition with competitiveness put centre-stage.

Meanwhile, she said today’s agreement on the targeted revision of the framework directive on waste was a big step towards managing food and textile waste in a sustainable way.

Also, referring to a draft directive on the green claims of products, Raisz said Hungarians were increasingly aware of climate and environmental protection issues in the context of consumption of products and services, and were more and more concerned that they should be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Consumers should not be allowed to fall for greenwashing and should be in a position to make informed choices, and the draft sets out the standards that must be met when applying such environmental claims, she added.


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