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Radical Mi Hazank to file report over Facebook page deletion

The non-parliamentary radical Mi Hazank party on Tuesday said it will file a criminal complaint for the disruption of the order of the election after the party's Facebook page was deleted.

Dora Duro, deputy leader of Mi Hazank, said the deletion of the party’s Facebook page “provides yet more evidence” that the social media giant was “deliberately interfering in the Hungarian parliamentary elections”.

Mi Hazank will also report the matter to the National Election Committee, Duro said, arguing that Mi Hazank considered it “unprecedented” that Facebook would delete the page of a party with a national list in the home stretch of the campaign.

Duro said the page that had been “censored” allowed Mi Hazank to reach half a million people in the recent period, adding that its deletion “will obviously impact the outcome of the election”.

She said Facebook had also deleted the profiles of the page’s administrators, meaning they cannot access Facebook’s Messenger app either.

Duro said Facebook’s reasoning for deleting the page was that its Community Standards had been violated, adding, however, that the company had not specified the offending content or post.

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