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Public media raises over HUF 180 million for visually impaired

Hungary's public media has raised more than 180 million forints (EUR 443,000) for the Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (MVGYOSZ) as part of its annual "Good to be Good" charity campaign, public current affairs channel M1 reported on Monday.

“Sunday was a very difficult but glorious day,” MVGYOSZ head Sandor Nagy said of the closing day of the campaign. “It was uplifting to see people supporting the cause, the Good to be Good programme and the visually impaired through the federation.”

Citing census data, Nagy said some 82,000 people in Hungary have severe visual impairment. The services provided by MVGYOSZ serve to improve their quality of life and help with their movement and education through various assistive tools and applications, he added.

Beatrix Siklosi, the manager of the campaign, said donations had also flowed in from abroad. “This was the campaign of small and medium-sized businesses and simple, everyday people, not large companies,” she said, expressing thanks to public media viewers, listeners and those who donated.

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