Public media collects over HUF 345 m for Covid orphans

The public media's charity programme dubbed Good to be good has raised funds totalling 345 million forints (EUR 939,000), the sum to be donated to the Regoczi Fundation, set up by President Janos Ader and First Lady Anita Herczegh to support children who lost parents in the coronavirus pandemic.

Closing the programme late on Sunday, the first lady said that the foundation was assisting some 1,000 children with mostly financial donations. She said each family had different problems and they could use the money as they deemed necessary. She added, however, that “in some situations money alone does not help” and some families may need a therapist or legal counselling.

Ader said that the programme was also instrumental in “warning people who are still doubtful about vaccination and who could perhaps avoid such a situation”.

The foundation is aimed to provide long-term assistance in cooperation with charity organisations and other groups, Ader said. “We cannot make up for a parent’s love,” he said but added that the donations could help orphans to complete their studies or learn new skills.

In the programme, it was also announced that biologist Katalin Kariko had offered 50,000 euros to the programme, half of her recently received Bolyai Prize.

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