Demonstration against the introduction of the new kata-law in Budapest - Photo: MTI

Protest held at Parliament against small business tax changes

A demonstration organised by the opposition Momentum party was held in front of Parliament on Wednesday evening to protest against recent changes to Hungary's small business tax (kata).

Momentum head Ferenc Gelencser said his party would propose an extraordinary session of parliament to drop the changes passed on Tuesday. He said Momentum would appeal to the Constitutional Court should its proposal be dropped. Momentum has also asked President Katalin Novak not to sign the legislation and request the top court’s review of the changes, he added.

While the ruling parties said in their election campaign that they could “save the country from war and crisis” they not only “fail to prevent the crisis but they are the ones generating it”, Gelencser insisted. He accused the government of destroying businesses amid soaring food and raw material prices. “In this situation society must cooperate because those in power will only speak the language of power,” he said.

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