Photo: MTI

Protest held against teachers’ status law

A demonstration organised by the Tanitanek (I want to teach) and noAr movements was held at the Ministry of Interior on Thursday where participants protested against a bill on the legal status of teachers.

Jozsef Attila Street was blocked by police during the event and traffic was diverted. The event was also attended by opposition Momentum lawmaker Andras Jambor and former leader of the opposition Socialists Ildiko Lendvai.

Representatives of the United Students’ Front said teachers, as well as police officers and doctors were earning “slave wages” while “criminals sit in parliament”. They added “the regime could only be toppled by the people” and “no future without teachers”.

A participating young teacher said his salary was “enough to buy 500 litres of milk, which takes a cow 20 days to produce” adding that he also worked 20 days for the sum.

Tanitanek founder Katalin Torley said “the air is wearing thin: who knows when it runs out completely and there is an explosion?” adding “to the trash heap with the status law!”

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