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Protest held against new law on teachers’ career paths

The students organisation dubbed United Student Front and other organisations staged a demonstration against the new law on teachers' career paths on Friday evening.

The protesters gathered at Margaret Bridge and moved to Kossuth Lajos Square near Parliament where a stage had been set up and they placed the flag of the teachers’ trade union PDSZ there. Several opposition politicians and activists joined the protest, including Bence Tordai of Parbeszed, Agnes Kunhalmi of the Socialists, independent MP Akos Hadhazy and student activist Lili Pankotai.

Activist of the Tanitanek (I want to teach) movement Katalin Torley said they had experienced “oppression” and “revenge by way of the law on teachers”. Protests held in the past procuded hardly any results, except the joining of forces between teachers, students and parents and the international attention attracted, she added.

PDSZ national board member Zoltan Szendrei announced at the event that he would leave the teaching profession as a result of the low wages and demanded wage increase and the reduction of work burdens for those that remain teachers. He called for increased budget allocation on education and an independent ministry run by a competent person.

At the end of the protest, the participants marched to the Chain Bridge to join a climate protection protest organised by the Fridays for Future movement.

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