Prosecutor presses charges against two Iranian men for rowdy behaviour in hospital

Charges have been pressed against two male Iranian citizens for shouting and acting violently last March when they were forced to stay in a hospital as a result of suspected Covid infection, the chief public prosecutor's office said on Friday.

Several Iranian citizens were taken under epidemiological supervision in a Budapest hospital on March 7, 2020, the office said. The two suspects, aged 24 and 23, were taken to the hospital for testing in the afternoon. After being told that were not allowed to leave, they shouted and refused to cooperate with hospital staff before climbing out of a window to a terrace and going to other rooms in the hospital, despite being told to stay in their room. When staff refused to open their terrace door, they kicked it repeatedly.

The 9th district prosecutor’s office submitted an indictment to the Pest county district court for rowdy behaviour and initiated a suspended prison sentence.

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