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Prosecution: Lt. Gen. Borondi’s order ‘not a crime’

Prosecutorial investigators have examined a complaint made against Lt. Gen. Gabor Borondi, the Armed Forces' Chief of Staff, but decided against pursuing the matter because there was no evidence to indicate criminal behaviour.

The unnamed complainant accused Borondi of abuse of office and abuse of a subordinate, and supported the accusation with two audio files, the Central Investigative General Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement on Tuesday.

At a leadership meeting held in the barracks in Szentendre on May 5, Borondi ordered the training of drivers of command vehicles, according to the allegation. The complainant alleges the purpose of the exercise was the physical and mental abuse of soldiers and was carried out in a way that violated their human rights and dignity.

The statement added that its investigation established that the training tasks considered humiliating by the complainant were in line with training methods used by NATO armed forces.

It added that soldiers work under special public service legal regulations which include accepting the curtailment of certain basic rights and risking life and physical harm.

Staff involved in the training task were subjected to physical and psychological stress beyond their normal daily activities, the statement said, adding however that the order did not amount to a crime.

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