The Paks nuclear power plant – Photo: OAH

Project to extend Paks nuclear plant’s lifespan starts

MVM Paksi Atomeromu, the company running the Paks nuclear plant, has announced the extension of the plant's lifespan to the European Union, company head Peter Janos Horvath said on Tuesday.

The October announcement was the first step in a decade-long process that would prolong the plant’s operating licence until 2052-57, he said.

The two already operating blocks of the plant went online between 1982 and 1987, he said. Their lifespan was extended once already, until 2032-37.

Nuclear energy and sustainable resources are both key to a secure energy supply, he told a press conference ahead of the tour of parts of the plant for journalists.

Hungary’s electricity demand is expected to grow by 150 percent by 2030, he said.

While the Russian supplier of the plant has been a reliable partner for four decades, Horvath said the plant was looking into ways to diversify its supply lines.

Deputy Director Pal Toth said the extension would require the completion of some 250 reconstruction projects, half of which are expected to cost more than one billion forints (EUR 2.6m). Revamping the electric and control systems would be in the 1.5-billion-euro range, he said.

Mihaly Czibula, the leader of the extension project, said the implementation plans are expected to be submitted in 2028.

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