The Colombian celebration at Gabriel García Márquez Park. (Photo: Colombian Embassy)

Double commemoration of 201st anniversary

Pride in Colombian independence

The Colombian Embassy in Hungary celebrated, for the second consecutive year, the 201st anniversary of its National Independence with two solemn ceremonies in emblematic places of Budapest on August 7. During the tribute, a wreath of flowers, with the tricolour of the national flag, was placed and the stanzas of the national anthem were sung.

The first ceremony took place in the recently named Gabriel García Márquez Park, which was attended by members of the Mayor’s Office of District XIII of Budapest and educational institutions of the capital, representatives of the Hungarian Diplomatic Corps and citizens of the Colombian community.

The second ceremony was held in the afternoon at Heroes Square, where members of the diplomatic and Colombian communities gathered to witness the heartfelt tribute.

Ambassador Carmenza Jaramillo contemplated the pride involved in celebrating such a memorable occasion and highlighted the importance of preserving the traditions that allow Colombians to remember the struggle of their people, 200 years after achieving independence.

Additionally, Ambassador Jaramillo expressed her gratitude to Budapest city and its District XIII, and her admiration for the Hungarian symbols, stating that in Hungary Colombians feel at home. She said it is her hope to continue working to strengthen solid bilateral relations, based on trust and opportunities.

Tourists, visitors and Colombians recorded the commemoration in photos and videos that were posted to social networks as a show of pride on such a special day for the country. The ambassador said there was no doubt the event had an impact and once again showed the national pride that characterises Colombians so much.


  • Photo: Colombian Embassy

  • Colombia's celebration at Heroes' Square. (Photo: Colombian Embassy)

  • Ambassador Carmenza Jaramillo (right) at Heroes Square with the Colombian flag. (Photo: Colombian Embassy)

  • Ambassador Carmenza Jaramillo (centre) at Gabriel García Márquez Park. (Photo: Colombian Embassy)

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