Katalin Novak - Photo: Facebook

President Novak: Christian politics feasible for Hungary, Florida

Taking role in politics, the participation of young people in public life and Hungary's family policies were the focus of a lecture President Katalin Novak delivered at the Catholic Ave Maria University in Florida on Thursday local time.

At the last stop of her US visit, Novak told students of the private university that pursuing politics on a Catholic principle was based on respect for each other.

The Christian alternative in government can work not only in principle but also in practice, she said. Its implementation, however, requires the power of government because principles without the powers are insufficient, she added.

Good principles and values, and a strong conviction are necessary but in order to put them into practice, a sufficient position in power is also necessary, she said.

The Christian political alternative is feasible, she said and added that in Florida, too, one can experience that the principles also work in practice and they are attractive to the majority.

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