Katalin Novak - Photo: Facebook

President: Hungary stands by innocent victims, peace

Hungary and Hungarians stand with the innocent victims of the war in Ukraine, "all we long for is peace," President Katalin Novak said in a video broadcast in a fundraising programme on Ukrainian television on Sunday.

In the message broadcast on the only functional Ukrainian television channel on Sunday night and posted on Facebook on Monday, Novak said Hungary “clearly condemns the Russian aggression and the armed invasion of Ukraine. We demand the investigation of all war crimes and plea[d] for an adequate punishment on those who committed these barbaric acts against mankind.”

Hungary continues to be committed to providing a safe haven the more than 700,000 refugees who have entered the country, she said. “We will continue to take care of the wounded, deliver food to those who have stayed behind, offer education to children… and provide families with a roof over their heads, food and work as long as it is needed,” she said.

The video was broadcast at the charity event Save Ukraine – StopWar, alongside messages of heads of state and government of Albania, Latvia, Austria, Slovenia, North Macedonia and the United Kingdom.

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