Dennis Prager - Photo: wikipedia

Prager: Orbán was right not to let in wave of migrants

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was right when he would not allow countless migrants from the Middle East to enter Hungary, Dennis Prager, the US radio talk show host and writer, said in an interview on public radio.

That decision was motivated not by animosity for people from the Middle East, but by an understanding that when people bring different cultures to a country, it impacts the host country’s culture, too, Prager told Vasarnap Ujsag, a Sunday morning programme of Kossuth Radio.

Prager, who arrived in Hungary to attend a festival organised by Mathias Corvinus Collegium, said the conviction that western civilisation can be saved is stronger in Hungary than in Germany or the United States.

Responding to insinuation that Hungary is homophobic, Prager said, there is not a single conservative in the world whom the left wing does not brand as homophobic or racist. The left wing’s name-calling aims to judge and shun, he added.

Prager said there is no need at all for sexual education in primary schools, as it is the responsibility of adults to preserve children’s innocence.

Asked about the political situation in the United States, he said a Republican victory in the 2022 election would herald the start of a reversal.

The United States is now more divided than it was during the Civil War as there is a right wing and a left wing with nothing in common, Prager said, adding that he often wonders whether Hungary is a freer country than the United States.

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