The Selye Janos University of Komarno - Photo: Facebook

Potapi marks 20th anniversary of Hungarian language university in Slovakia

The Selye Janos University of Komarno (Revkomarom) in southern Slovakia embodies "the joint success of Slovakia Hungarians", Arpad Janos Potapi, state secretary in charge of ethnic Hungarian communities, said at a conference marking the 20th anniversary of the university on Wednesday.

The university is “not only the top of (Hungarian) schools in Slovakia, it is at the same time a stronghold of the culture of local Hungarians,” he said.

The state secretary noted that the university had a theology faculty, and said “the message is that the church is an indispensable community when it comes to defining the future of the nation”.

Concerning the Hungarian government’s focus on ethnic kin in its foreign policy, Potapi noted the results: “Hungarian resources, science cultivated in Hungarian, and a Hungarian future; as long as we want to build a future for Slovakia Hungarians, that policy must not be abandoned,” he said.

Courses at the Selye University, the first independent Hungarian university in Slovakia, started in September 2004.

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