The Szekler flag – Photo: wikipedia

Potapi: Hungary responsible for Szeklers

Hungary has a constitutional responsibility for the fate of Hungarians living outside of the country's borders, such as the Szeklers, the state secretary for Hungarian communities abroad said in the village of Tevel, in the southwest of Hungary, on Saturday.

Arpad Janos Potapi spoke as a watch fire was lit in solidarity on the eve of Szekler Autonomy Day.

The region is home to the Bukovina Szeklers, who migrated after a massacre by the Habsburg army from their home of Siculeni (Madefalva) more than 250 years ago, eventually making their way to the south of Hungary.

Potapi, himself a descendant of the Bukovina Szeklers, noted that the Szekler National Council had decided in 2015 to celebrate Szekler Autonomy Day every year on the last Sunday of October.

The mayors of Tevel and of Siculeni, in Romania, also spoke at the event.

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